The Monster Missions

The Monster Missions

Series: Episodes, Episode 191
ASIN: 0062894382
ISBN: 9780062894380


Laura Martin is (hands-down) my go-to author for any kids age 10-14 who say they don’t like reading. This newest from her is perfect especially for fans of The Edge of Extinction books (I love those!) (and I’m not even a science fiction person!).

I tend to think Laura’s books make better read-alones than read-alouds… only because they are page-turners, and your kids aren’t going to want to stop once they start. But if you have a reluctant reader, try reading aloud the first chapter or two and then “running out of time” so they have to keep reading on their own to see what happens! 😎


Berkeley and her best friend, Garth, live on an old cruise ship, scavenging for supplies from the drowned cities left behind on the ocean floor after the sea swallowed up all the land. They think they've seen every kind of aquatic creature, but they never expected to find sea monsters...

After awakening a Hydra, Berkeley and Garth are sent to live on a submarine, where they study and hunt sea monsters. But the Hydra wants revenge on their home ship--and if it succeeds, their families will go down with it.

Berkley, Garth, and their crew must find a way to save the ship. But monsters aren't the only deadly things lurking in the ocean's depths.

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