Why is it that kids love books when they start school, but the average high school student only reads an average of 6 minutes per day for pleasure?

If you went to a book club gathering and had to prove that you had read and understood the book by taking a quiz or filling out a worksheet, would you go back to book club? Would you race home afterward to start reading the book again? 🤨

Are *any* of the books you were forced to write book reports on as a kid your favorite books? Did you re-read them under the covers late at night?

One of the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to our kids’ reading lives is that we school the love of reading right out of them, and then we wonder why they don’t spend hours lost in a book.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s a 3-step alternative that will give your child meaningful experiences with reading AND nurture their love for stories.

The 3 Steps:

  1. read aloud
  2. share a related experience
  3. talk about it

I break all three steps down in this video:

Our Read-Aloud Family Book Clubs in Premium Membership follows these steps. 

These book clubs are an opportunity to… 

  1. Read a book aloud
  2. Share a memorable experience with your kids relating to the book
  3. Meet the author/illustrator live on screen!

There’s nothing else quite like them.

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