Quiet in the Garden

Quiet in the Garden

Series: Episodes, Episode 83
Tag: Episode 83
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Publication Year: 2009
ASIN: 0061552070
ISBN: 0061552070

**Description from Amazon: I love to go into the garden.I sit quietly.I see flowers and plants.It makes me feel peaceful.If I am very still,I see birds, insects,and creatures I hadnot noticed before.I can even hear them!Nibble, crunch, chomp.Chew, bite, slurp,swallow, gulp.They are all hungry!Get ready to look and listen.Get ...

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**Description from Amazon: I love to go into the garden.
I sit quietly.
I see flowers and plants.
It makes me feel peaceful.
If I am very still,
I see birds, insects,
and creatures I had
not noticed before.
I can even hear them!
Nibble, crunch, chomp.
Chew, bite, slurp,
swallow, gulp.
They are all hungry!

Get ready to look and listen.
Get ready fbr fun in the quiet garden.
You can make your own quiet garden, too!

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