What do you give as gifts for young readers? (Besides books, of course!) Here’s a whole list of gift ideas for the young readers in your life.

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Great gift ideas for babies through teens
  • Ideas beyond books – games, book accessories, puzzles, posters, shirts and more
  • Ways to help kids make books their own, and begin to identify as readers

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Mighty Bright Book Light

Book lights are essential for kids who share a bedroom with siblings. Each of my kids over 5 has a booklight clipped to the side of their bed. These hammerhead-shaped Mighty Brights are our current favorite. Because we don’t actually expect them to go to sleep when we send them to bed, do we? ;)

Personal Library Kit

Forget the kids– I bet you want one of these for yourself, don’t you? :)

Maestro Classics

My kids love these stories set to music (played by none other than the London Philharmonic). We have over a dozen of these and haven’t been disappointed yet. Available on CD or mp3. Use the code SARAH to get 17% off plus FREE shipping! Check out Maestro Classics here.


Help your kids make books their own with these darling bookplates.

Book Darts

Once you start using these to mark your favorite passages in books, you’ll never go back to your old ways. These lightweight metal book darts can keep track of your favorite parts of the books your kids read without crimping the pages. They’re reusable and absolutely one of my favorite things in the universe. And that’s no lie.

Bookmarks from Carrot Top Paper Shop

Have a daughter who loves her literary heroines? Jenny Williams has a lovely assortment of bookmarks featuring heroines like Anne of Green Gables, Jane Eyre, Jo March, Scout Finch, Flannery O’Connor, Hermione Granger, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and others. These bookmarks are perfect handmade gift to tuck into a Christmas stocking or tie onto any gift.

Out of Print Clothing tee shirts

We own an embarrassing number of shirts from Out of Print in our house– and we love every single one! From Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel (pictured on my twins here) to Goodnight Moon, Harry the Dirty Dog, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Call of the Wild, and many many others, you won’t have a hard time choosing something for everyone in the Out of Print Shop.

Custom Bookplate Stamp

A customized alternative to bookplates, these lovely stamps can feature anyone’s name.

Book Puzzles

The only thing as satisfying as reading on a cold wintry afternoon is doing a book puzzle on a cold wintry afternoon! You’ll find lots of options online, but I’ve selected a few of my own favorites below. Try playing an audio book while putting together a puzzle as a family. You’ll be hooked!

Children's Book Puzzles

You can find puzzles for your favorite bookish people of all ages– from the tiniest tots to the eldest among us! I’ve chosen a few of my favorites for you here– you may be able to find other great ones, too.

Pictured here:

Rory’s Story Cubes
eeBoo Create-A-Story Cards

Melissa Sweet is one of my favorite picture book illustrators. These cards are created by her, as well, and they’re another way to spark your child’s imagination and storytelling genius.

Anne of Green Gables Gift Set from Carrot Top Paper Shop

Got a teen or tween who loves Anne of Green Gables? Then you’re in luck. :)

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Matching Game

This game gets a lot of use in our home with kids under 7. If you have littles who love the picture book, they’ll likely enjoy this matching game, as well.

Deluxe Baker Street Board Game

We haven’t played this one yet, but it just might possibly be showing up beneath our tree this year. Got any Sherlock Holmes lovers in your house? Then it’s time to get them on the case.

Litographs Posters

I absolutely love these gorgeous posters based on books. There are dozens and dozens to choose from in all different sizes. I’ve got the Corduroy one behind my desk at home. They’re elegant enough for the main part of your house, and perfect for your child’s bedroom or the schoolroom, as well.

Supherhero Floating Bookshelf

Who can resist this? Let your child feature his favorite books with this superhero floating bookshelf.

35 Boxed Book Sets for Kids of all Ages

Boxed sets make for lovely gifts– find 35 fabulous boxed book sets for anyone on your list, from toddlers to teens.

Picture Book Treasuries

Don’t want to go the boxed set route? Treasuries are an affordable way to introduce young readers to the best work of a wonderful author and/or illustrator. My favorite dozen picture book treasuries are listed here.

Anything to keep kids’ hands busy while you read aloud (see the whole list here!)

We’ve got a whole list of what your kids can do while you read aloud… and anything from this list would make a great gift for under the tree! You’ll find ideas for toddlers to teens, so don’t miss it. See the whole list here.