I’ve got a brand new episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast for you, and it’s a good one.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Which 3 books I’d bring with me to a desert island 🏝 (it was torture to answer this listener question!)
  • Whether or not we use reading curriculum at our house 🤓 (and what I recommend)
  • The skinny on what we’re reading aloud this spring at RAR (our book choices are just 😍– scroll down to see what I mean)

Click the play button below to start listening:

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Listener Guide

Use the time stamps below to skip to any part of the podcast:

2:03Connect with the perfect read-aloud
2:47American history books
4:49Sarah’s desert island books
7:32Do you need a reading curriculum?
13:38Reading at whim
15:19Book conversations
18:32Red flag
19:44What we’re reading this spring
22:05Home in the Woods
24:319 Months and Heidi
27:02Circle with Sarah
28:38Little Men
30:22Let the kids speak

Links from this episode:

Books from this episode:

Episode 148
Henry Huggins
The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child
David Copperfield (Puffin Classics)
The Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your Kids
Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster
Water Is Water: A Book About the Water Cycle
The Silver Chair
Balderdash!: John Newbery and the Boisterous Birth of Children’s Books
The Screwtape Letters
Home in the Woods
Nine Months: Before a Baby Is Born
Ramona the Pest

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