What’s the best way to introduce your kids to the lives and ideas of those who’ve gone before? In this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, the RAR Team is talking about using picture book biographies with kids of all ages.

RAR Team L to R: Kara Anderson, Sarah Mackenzie, Kortney Garrison

And of course, we don’t just give you the why… we also share dozens and dozens of excellent picture book biographies in this new booklist!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • why picture books are for all ages (no really… all ages)
  • what makes pictures books special (Hint: it has to do with being an invitation)
  • how picture books can help us learn history, research a new subject, discuss difficult topics, and more

Scroll down to see our brand new booklist of favorite picture book biographies. You can also grab a FREE printable version to bring with you to the library.

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Listener Guide

Use the time stamps below to skip to any part of the podcast:

  • 1:18 Bigs & littles
  • 5:17 The team is here!
  • 6:53 Picture books are worthy
  • 11:26 Gather ’round
  • 12:22 Storybooks and picture books
  • 14:35 Jen Bryant’s books
  • 15:33 Exploring difficult topics
  • 18:37 An invitation
  • 19:39 Kara’s picks
  • 21:19 Sarah’s picks
  • 21:58 Kortney’s picks
  • 22:55 Barb Rosenstock’s books
  • 25:45 Let the Kids Speak

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Quotes to remember:

“What does it feel like to be Louis Braille? What does it feel like to be Abe Lincoln? What does it feel like to be Thomas Jefferson and creating the first library? All those questions are answered in a 32-page picture book in a way that feels a lot more visceral and personal than it could with a longer narrative.” – Sarah Mackenzie

“For the busiest people… you can always squeeze in a picture book. You’re not committing yourself to a big, long novel that’s going to take weeks and weeks to read aloud. You’re committing yourself to maybe ten minutes of good connection with your kids.” – Kortney Garrison

“By stepping into the character’s shoes through a picture book, (kids) really get the idea of what it was like to live during a certain time, so it’s one of our favorite ways to study history.” – Kara Anderson

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picture book biographies

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