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Why I Love the St. Andrew Christmas Novena

I don’t really want to go into all the details here, but I will tell you that last year there was an ache in my heart that I was struggling to bear.

A good and wise friend counseled me to pray the St. Andrew Christmas Novena for a miracle. I’m not used to praying for such radical miracles. But I prayed anyway.

With tears streaming down my face and a heart heavy as lead, I prayed every day for the gift of a miracle baby- the one I was rather certain I would never get to hold.

And now, just one year later, I’m washing itty bitty baby clothes and making room for a crib right next to my bed. Because our God? Is a God of miracles. And He loves to spoil His children.

My bubbling joy at this pregnancy overwhelms me every single day. And so we’re celebrating today, November 30th, the Feast of St. Andrew and the beginning of the St. Andrew Christmas Novena. And we’re celebrating in the best way possible.

I’ve written about the novena several times. Here are my posts in order:

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