the read-aloud challenge

a challenge for your kids

Reading aloud to our kids offers them a wide range of academic, social, and emotional benefits.

But did you know that when your kids read aloud themselves, those benefits compound?

challenge rules:

Your kids set a goal to read aloud for 10 minutes per day over 25 days.

That’s it.

It sounds simple . . . and it is . . .  but it’ll help them fall more in love with reading, and more in love with each other, too!

What better way to start a new year? 

Pop your email address into that box and we’ll send you a Challenge Packet that will help your kids get the most from this challenge.

This challenge SAVES my sanity!! It’s the 2nd year we’ve done it and it helps the kids stay busy and bonded!



My kids are LOVING the challenge! I have two struggling emerging readers and a prereader, and after just 3 days, I’m already so amazed at their increased confidence!



This has been so much fun in our own home – seeing them cuddle up over books. Definitely jumping on this again!




Can I get this packet in Spanish? ¿Necesita una traducción al español?

Yep, you sure can. When you sign up for the Challenge, you’ll get a link to download the packet in either English or Spanish. 

Ahora se ofrecen tanto en inglés como en Español.

How does it work?
  1. Request a packet by popping your email in above.
  2. Print a tracker for each of your kids, and hang it somewhere they’ll see it often.
  3. Choose a reward for winning the Challenge (you’ll find ideas in your packet).

Once they’ve read 25 days, they win! You’ll find details for rewarding your child in your packet. 

What if my child can't read yet?

Kids who aren’t reading fluently (or at all) can still take part. They’ll simply flip through a picture book or wordless book and tell the story in their own words. Find ideas and tips inside your packet!

What can they read, and who can they read to?

The short answer here is that you’re the boss! 😏 Official rules are that they can read anything and can read to anyone (or anything!), but YOU are the boss of your own home, so you get to choose to clarify those rules if you’d like.

In Sarah’s home, the rules are that kids must read aloud to a sibling from a book.