Leon Garfield’s Shakespeare Stories (New York Review Books Children’s Collection)

Leon Garfield’s Shakespeare Stories (New York Review Books Children’s Collection)

Series: Episodes, Episode 171
Tags: Shakespeare, Twelfth Night
Publisher: NYR Children's Collection
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 1590179315
ISBN: 1590179315

Note from Sarah: This one is delightful and retains a lot of Shakespeare's original language. It's perfect for reading aloud, especially because you'll probably need to edit some passages. Ahem. ;)

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About the Book

How to introduce children to Shakespeare, not just to the stories behind the plays but to the richness of Shakespeare’s language and the depth of his characters: That’s the challenge that Leon Garfield, no slouch as a wordsmith himself, sets out to meet in his monumental and utterly absorbing Shakespeare Stories. Here twenty-one of the Bard’s plays are refashioned into stories that are true to the wit, the humor, the wisdom, the sublime heights, the terrifying depths, and above all the poetry of their great originals. Throughout, Garfield skillfully weaves in Shakespeare’s own words, accustoming young readers to language and lines that might at first seem forbiddingly unfamiliar. Leon Garfield’s Shakespeare Stories is an essential distillation—a truly Shakespearean tribute to Shakespeare’s genius and a delight for children and parents alike.

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