If someone told you that you could…

  • give your kids an enormous academic boost
  • help them develop empathy and compassion
  • inspire them to live with true heroism
  • create a warm and wonderful family memory

— and you could do it all for free, in 10 minutes,  would you take them up on it?

Well, would you?

Yep, so would I. One of the things that has floored me over the years of reading aloud with my own six kids is how much bang I get for my buck, so to speak. I can’t think of too many other activities that provide so many benefits with such a small time investment.

So why don’t more of us read aloud on a regular basis? I think it’s because when we’re in the thick of a busy day and demands press down on us from all sides, it’s easy to let connecting with our kids slip off our radar. This is especially true if our kids are able to read on their own.

Here’s the thing:

Reading aloud for just 10 minutes at a time every other day adds up to 30 hours over the course of a year. That’s a lot! And the benefits of reading aloud are clear: it truly does give our kids an academic leg up, grow their sense of empathy, inspire them to live with heroic virtue, and cement their relationship with us in meaningful and lasting way.

We can’t always see the benefits right away– they take time to develop and grow– but they are real and significant all the same.

The Read-Aloud Family is a new book calling us all to connect deeply with our kids 10 minutes a time, regardless of the noise and pressure of our everyday lives.

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