In her book & DVD set, Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education, Sonya Shafer encourages homeschooling mothers to consider big picture goals for their children. “When your child stands before you having completed your program of study, ” she writes, “what do you want to see?”

I recently came across some old notes while perusing my copy of this book. They were my own big picture goals, written almost exactly two years ago. I was pleased to see that they haven’t changed at all.

A good sign, don’t you think? :)

I decided to jot them down here for future reference. Any time I wonder whether home education is the best path for our family, I can refer back to to this list and ask myself: in which educational environment will these goals have the best opportunity to become reality?

A quick read through this list reminds me that home is the best place for us at this point in time. I hope it will be for many years to come. :)

My Goals for Our Homeschooled Children

  • First and foremost, I want our children to pursue holiness. I want them to be virtuous and passionately in love with God, well formed in their religious education, and in possession of a strong and sincere faith in God and His Church
  • I want them to be pleasant to be around- having the skills to converse and interact with people of various ages and walks of life.
  • I want them to enjoy reading- to do it for pleasure and in pursuit of knowledge. I want them to be well-read and have the ability to discuss Great Books. I want them to write and speak well and to be able to transact money dealings and everyday calculations with ease.
  • I want them to have a grasp of the people in history and understand how their lives affect ours today.
  • I want them to respect and care for God’s creation and to retain their sense of wonder for the natural world.
  • I want them to appreciate great art and pursue artistic endeavors for pleasure. I want them to be exposed to the world’s greatest music and be proficient at playing at least one instrument. I want them to be able to use their hands to create useful, practical, and beautiful things.
  • I want them to be active in promoting Godly principles within our culture, be financially responsible, and have good solid habits that will carry them well through their lives.
  • I want them to fondly recall their childhoods, to uphold the value and dignity of family life, and, when they experience warmth, comfort, and beauty- to be reminded of home.

This exercise has value for all mothers, I think- not just homeschoolers. We all benefit from taking the time to consider the long-term goals for our children’s education.

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