If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you want to read more, but are struggling to do it as much as you’d like. It can be a real challenge to find time to read for pleasure in your already busy day. I get it!

On today’s episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, I’m sharing all my best tips to help you read more, ditch the guilt (this is part of your job, right?), and fall back in love with your own reading life.

In this episode you’ll hear…

  • what to do when you’re in a season of it feeling impossible to cultivate your own reading life
  • how to find time to read (really!)
  • how to get some recommendations from me

A Peek inside My Reading Life by Anne Bogel

Books mentioned in the show

A Place to Hang the Moon
The Last Bookshop in London
My Reading Life: A Book Journal

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