Recently, I posted on social media about my oldest daughter becoming our first homeschool graduate. I’ll admit to being a proud mama. I think for a lot of us homeschooling our kids, we hear that it works, we are told colleges want homeschoolers– are actively seeking out homeschoolers– but we still are a little nervous. We wonder if we’ve prepared them well, if this grand homeschooling experiment is going to work out.

So when my oldest daughter was not only accepted into every single college she applied to, but received generous merit-based scholarships at each one, as well, I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.

At the end of that post about my oldest daughter graduating, I left a little note for homeschool mamas, letting them know that all the lessons, conversations, books, essays, projects, field trips, the good days and the hard days — all of the WORK of homeschooling, is completely and totally worth it.

Worth it in a way you can’t really see when you’re in the middle of it, but that’s crystal clear when you’re at the end of the road, looking back.

Your homeschool does not have to be impressive.

You can be ordinary. So can your homeschool plans.

So many of us worry that we aren’t enough, or that our families aren’t the extraordinary type. But most of the homeschoolers I know don’t feel like they’re rocking homeschooling. They don’t feel like they’re doing an amazing job.

They sort of feel… ordinary.

I know many of you are considering homeschooling for the first time, and I know that you don’t think you can do it. You think you’re not enough. You think it will be too hard.

Maybe you did some distance learning through your school last spring, and you’re ready to throw in the towel on the idea of homeschooling.

Since many of us will be home educating in one capacity or another in the coming school year, I want to share 10 homeschooling mistakes I’ve made over the years (trust me, there are plenty more- but these are the 10 that I thought would be most useful to you as you set out on a new school year.)

You can learn from mistakes.

This is a podcast episode, so click the play button below to start listening. You can also grab the full transcript at the top of this post.

Listen to the podcast episode:

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • why your ordinary homeschool is more than enough
  • the two most powerful tools in my homeschooling tool kit
  • 10 homeschooling mistakes I’ve made (so you can avoid them)
1:24First homeschool graduate
3:34Distance learning is different
4:36Mistake #1: I thought curriculum choices made a huge difference
7:07Mistake #2: I overplanned
9:19Mistake #3: I underprioritized reading aloud
11:58Mistake #4: I didn’t combine my kids for enough subjects
16:04Mistake #5: I thought our homeschool needed to be extraordinary
18:45Mistake #6: I tried to make my homeschool look like a classroom
20:42Mistake #7: I prioritized my role as teacher over my role as mom
22:27Mistake #8: I compared my kids to other kids
23:26Mistake #9: I thought I could do a better job homeschooling with more
25:07Mistake #10: I was too hard on myself
31:24We won’t regret this
32:49Let the Kids Speak

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