Over 1200 of us showed up live for the first part of the Teaching from Rest book club. Can you even imagine?

We were like a great throng, gathered up to encourage and inspire one another to teach our kids with unshakable peace. My heart is overflowing at the thought of what that means for our families.

In this this first part of the book club, we tackled:

  • What we really mean when we talk about “teaching from rest”
  • The three key parts of teaching from rest
  • What it means to go all in
  • Rest as the virtue between two vices. What are those vices, and how can we notice when we’re slipping into them?
  • Simple, practical ways to recalibrate when we notice we are slipping toward anxiety or negligence– how to get back on track, and how to make sure our daily practices help us teach from a place of unshakable peace.

Watch the replay below. Want to join us for the rest of this book club? Get all the details here.

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