Picture Books for Military Deployment

As we selected these books, we thought about the brave kiddos who stay home, while a parent serves far away, and we tried to find the most comforting books, with the most encouraging stories and best illustrations.

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Michelle L.

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Amy C.

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Sarah Y.

Hero Mom
Hero Dad
H is for Honor: A Military Family Alphabet
Lilla’s Sunflowers
Coming Home
Papa’s Backpack
Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops
Lily Hates Goodbyes (All Military Version)
Night Catch
My Dad’s Deployment: A deployment and reunion activity book for young children
Sometimes We Were Brave
The Fathers Are Coming Home
My Red Balloon
I Love You Near and Far (Snuggle Time Stories)
Love, Lizzie: Letters to a Military Mom
Knit Your Bit: A World War I Story
While You Are Away
All Those Secrets of the World
Stars Above Us
Postcards from a War