If you want to make more meaningful and lasting connections with your kids through books in the coming year, then I have a tip for you:

Don’t try to read aloud every day.

Not what you thought I would say? Well, then. You’d better listen to the rest.

This episode of the podcast is the shortest yet– and maybe the most important. It’s only 8 minutes long.

You’ll find out…

  • Why you don’t need to read aloud to your kids every single day
  • My simple technique for feeling good about getting to important things I get to… most days
  • What you won’t regret at the end of this year

Listen below:

Remember–reading for just 10 minutes every other day amounts to 30 hours each year. That’s an amazing amount of reading aloud!

To remind yourself of all of those 10-minute mini-wins, download the calendar below and put it somewhere visible (like your fridge).

At the end of the year, you’ll have a lot of x’s worth celebrating- even if you don’t share books with your kids quite as often as you hoped.

This calendar will help you count it.

Here’s to a year of meaningful and lasting connections with our kids. We’re rooting for you!