Every year in RAR Premium we do Christmas School. What is Christmas School? It’s 4 weeks of Christmas-themed Family Book Clubs that offer your whole family (from preschoolers to high schoolers) a relaxed, bookish learning experience.

This year’s Christmas School is brand new and better than ever.

Open-and-Go Christmas School for all ages

Our 2022 Christmas School Guide is open-and-go, so aside from collecting a few supplies at the top of each week, there is no prep. And yep, we’ve got plans for everyone in the family, from your youngest to your teens!

Last week, we revealed the books we’re featuring for this year’s Christmas School, and revealed the rest of the Winter Lineup at RAR premium, too. Over 1,100 of you joined us live on Zoom— so fun! 🥳

Let’s break it all down…

Watch the Replay:

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Christmas School is 4 weeks of Christmas Family Book Clubs for ages 3-18.

You can replace whatever you normally do in your homeschool with Christmas School for the month of December (yep, with ALL of your students!) …

…and we pretty much guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

The Christmas School Guide drops mid-November, and the whole program is open-and-go, making it incredibly easy to utilize with very little prep and a whole lot of merry.

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(By the way… yes– you can just join for Christmas School. To do that, join RAR Premium and choose “monthly.”. After checkout, cancel your subscription so you won’t be billed again.)

But you might want to hold off on that cancelling part, because…


Our member-favorite homeschool coaching program, Circle with Sarah, is getting a significant UPGRADE in the New Year.

Beginning in January, RAR Premium Members will get not monthly, but *weekly* homeschool coaching from Sarah Mackenzie in an exclusive email and private podcast.

We’ll gather on Zoom once a month for Circle with Sarah Live! to troubleshoot where you’re getting stuck and help you see real results toward peace and contentment in your homeschool.

If this is the year you want to really feel at peace in your homeschool (and have fun doing it), then you don’t want to miss this.

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Moving on into the New Year…

We’ll be reading Snow Horses by Patricia MacLachlan and A Long Road on a Short Day by Gary D. Schmidt.

📝 You’ll get RAR Premium Family Book Club Guides for both.

Our RAR Family Book Club Guides will help you have the relaxed, bookish homeschool experience with kids of all ages.

Our members say these are central to helping them fall more in love with homeschooling than ever.

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At RAR Premium, we prefer to learn the art of writing from real, actual writers in workshop formats (like real writers do!)

In this WOW workshop for ages 10-18, author Mitali Perkins will help your students learn to weave the magic carpet of place by writing believable settings, using the writing of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s The Long Winter to guide us.

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In RAR Premium, we’re dedicated to helping you nurture your own reading life, as well.

Which is why this January + February, we’re reading one of Sarah Mackenzie’s all-time favorite nonfiction books: Essentialism by Greg Mckeown.

We’ll learn how to implement essentialist thinking in our homeschools.

Ooooooh, you’re gonna love it.

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So whatcha waiting for? 

Join us in RAR Premium. We have a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying.

And we’re pretty sure you’re gonna think it’s the best $19 you’ve spent in a long, long time.

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