You may have heard me say it before: if you read aloud to your kids for just 10 minutes a day (or about 35 minutes per week), that adds up to 30 hours over the course of a year.

That’s… a lot of reading aloud.

Think of it:

That’s… a lot, right?

But here’s the thing about reading aloud:

We often let it slide to the back burner.

It’s so easy to do, right?

Other, more urgent things take precedent. Also, we tend to value the more onerous parts of homeschooling (I didn’t say math–why do you assume I’m talking about math? 😇)…

…even though we know that reading aloud is the #1 thing we can do to ensure our kids’ academic success.

So how do we stay motivated?

How do we keep our momentum going once the school year gets underway?

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me—when momentum is in question, a sticker chart or checklist is usually the answer.

So… I’ve made you one!

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Then print the habit tracker and hang it on your fridge or at the front of your planner, or anywhere else you’ll see it on the regular.​

Mark off each day you read aloud for at least 10 minutes.

(You could actually use this tracker to keep track of any habit you’d like to keep up — all those x’s really help you see what you’ve accomplished!)

Here’s to a year of teeny tiny read-aloud sessions that add up to a great big read-aloud life!