If you’ve been around here long, you know I’ve got a thing for good audio books.

I still love to be read to myself, and my kids just love an audio book read by a skilled narrator.

Audible is my favorite place to get audio books, as they make finding and streaming audio books a breeze. I love how easy they are to buy, play, and bookmark from any device.

If you’re looking for FREE audio books, you can find a list of our favorite free audio books and narrators from Librivox right here.

I prefer the Audible service for ease of use and sound quality, but you can find a lot of public domain classics for free on Librivox, if that’s better for your budget.

My favorite place for audio books: Audible

Because I share the best kids’ book Audible deals I can find so often, I get a lot of questions about the Audible service itself.

This page is a collection of those questions and answers. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, your best bet is to contact Audible’s awesome customer service team.

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Click on any of the following questions to go straight to the answer:

Should I pay for an Audible subscription?

Here’s the short story: you don’t need an Audible subscription to listen to audio books on Audible.

Audible is an Amazon company, and you can buy Audible books individually on Amazon, then listen to them on the free Audible app.

An Audible subscription gives you two main benefits:

  • A credit. Each month you get 1 credit in exchange for your monthly membership fee of $14.95. You can use this credit on anything you please. I like to use mine on audio books that would otherwise cost me more than the $14.95 subscription fee.
  • A 30% discount on other audio books. If you’re like me and you want to purchase more than one audio book per month, you can do that at a discounted rate when you’re a paid subscriber.

That’s basically it. For me, it’s worth it. I save a boatload of money by making my expensive Audible purchases using my credits, and then I fill up my audio book library by snagging deals and buying those a la carte (keep reading to find out more about that).

But you definitely don’t need to pay for an Audible subscription to get great books (and deals!) from Audible.

Here are some examples of the more expensive books I’ve used my Audible credits on:

Audible Big
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Book 1)
The Ramona Quimby Audio Collection
The Henry Huggins Audio Collection
The Beverly Cleary Audio Collection
The Ralph S. Mouse Audio Collection
The Hobbit

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How to get Audible books without a subscription

Even without an Audible subscription, you can buy as many audio books as you’d like individually, by purchasing them on Amazon.

On the following screenshot, I would select “buy with 1-click” to purchase the book. (You can get a free audio book by signing up for a 30-day trial, though, so you could always do that first, then cancel. Just don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to be charged in 30 days!)

Once you’ve purchased them, download the free Audible app on whichever device you’d like to listen to the book on- your phone, computer, tablet, or Kindle.

Log in to the app using your Amazon sign-in, and you’re good to go.

Important note: you cannot purchase books within the Audible app. You actually need to be in a web browser (like Chrome or Safari) to make your purchases. Then they will automatically show up in your Audible app. p>Back to top

How to make sure you’re not getting charged the subscription fee

Worried that you might get charged that $15/month Audible subscription fee? Just check in your account there.

Go right here –> audible.com/account-details and manage your membership from there.

You’ll see if you’re going to be charged for a membership and can cancel that at any time. Even if you cancel your membership, you get to keep all of your audible books (they’re YOURS, remember?) and can listen to them with the Audible app, even without a subscription.

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Does listening on my phone use data?

It depends. Downloading a book to your phone will use data if you aren’t hooked up to Wifi. But once the book is loaded on your device, it won’t use data to play.

I always have whatever I’m currently listening to downloaded onto my phone, so that I can listen without using data.

Here’s a screenshot of my phone when I’m in the Audible app, toggled to “device.” These books are downloaded to my phone (they won’t use data when I listen to them.)

If I toggle to “cloud” I can see all of the books in my account. I can click on any to automatically download one to my phone. I just clicked on The Railway Children, so it’s now downloading to my phone.

As soon as I’m done listening, I delete the book off my device.

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How to find Audible deals

You’ll find our current list here →

Finding them can be tricky- they don’t make it easy!

My team and I are regularly scouring Audible for the best deals we can find on books we know Revivaler families will love.

My best advice on finding great deals is this: subscribe to our Audible Deals Emails. We’re already doing the dirty work so that you don’t have to:

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How to listen to Audible books (with or without a subscription)

So you’ve grabbed an Audible deal and now you want to listen to it, right?

You need to download the free Audible app onto whichever device you’ll be listening on (your phone, tablet, kindle, or computer).

You can even download the app onto multiple devices, and Audible will keep the audio books synced up for you.

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How to play an Audio book for a family

I’m pretty low-tech, believe it or not, so when I’m playing audio books for multiple kids, sometimes I plop my phone into a glass cup and call it good. The cup really does amplify sound quite well!

We also recently bought one of these Sony Boomboxes, and I really love it. It plays both CD’s and connects to the Bluetooth on my phone (so we can listen to all those Audible books on it!)

I’m not sure why it has mediocre Amazon reviews- I’ve used mine for a year and still love it. Sometimes it goes on sale on Amazon (I bought it for $68.)

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Good times and places for audio books

Anywhere you please! We get this question a lot, so I’ll share a few places where we listen to audio books in my home:

  • At the table with coloring books/drawing/legos/play dough, etc
  • During quiet time in their own bedrooms
  • In the car
  • With headphones, while doing chores (I love listening while I clean or make dinner)
  • While folding laundry (you just need a speaker or to use my glass cup trick to amplify sound- I get all my big kids to help with laundry doing this!)
  • During breakfast or lunch, to keep the squabbling to a minimum
  • Outside while doing yardwork
  • On the treadmill or when going for a walk

Sometimes we listen as a group, sometimes we listen on our own. We get in so much more reading than we would otherwise, though, by including audio books into our normal routines.

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I’m not in the USA- will this work for me?

Sometimes our International friends are able to grab the deals, but usually they can’t. I’m sorry about that! Our team doesn’t have access to international deals on Audible.

One tip you can try: if the current deal I’m sharing requires a Kindle purchase first, make that purchase on amazon.ca (or wherever your local Amazon website lives) and then go to the audible.com website to grab the audio version.

One Canadian reader also told us this: “I thought I would let you know that for Canadians, you can have your kindle account transferred to US, (look under settings for your device) – so for those Canadians like me who don’t have a kindle and just want the audible deal – it is the simplest way!”

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