If you want to help your kids fall in love with books, while also falling more in love with homeschooling, you belong at RAR Premium, Read-Aloud Revival’s one-of-a-kind online community.

What we do at RAR Premium:

  • Monthly coaching for homeschool moms
  • Family book clubs for all ages
  • WOW: Writers on Writing workshops
  • Mama Book Club that helps us fall back in love with our own reading lives

Coaching for Homeschool Moms

Join us every month for Circle with Sarah, the RAR Premium coaching program where Sarah Mackenzie will help you teach from rest and lead your homeschool with confidence.

This summer we’re talking all about Furnishing the Mind using a simple, low-pressure approach to memory work.

Sarah is also presenting our new flagship workshop, Teaching Literature without a Curriculum, that will help you create a literary education for your kids that’s simple, enjoyable, and easy to implement even in your busiest seasons.

Our kids’ literature education should help them fall more in love with reading, not less… right?

Let’s talk about how to do that.

This workshop will include a PDF Guide with grade-level booklists, to help you teach literature to your own kids of any age, without a curriculum.

Coaching sessions are live on the first Friday evening of each month, and replays are always available at any time for RAR Premium Members.

Family Book Clubs

Our family book clubs are excellent for all ages—preschoolers to teens. RAR Premium members get a family book club guide that walks you through a feast of ideas:

  • discussion prompts for kids of all ages
  • meals or snacks related to the book
  • drawing/art lessons
  • nature study and/or history tie-ins
  • poetry
  • and more!

Each season in RAR Premium we offer book clubs for a novel and three picture books.

It’s a feast of ideas that you can use based around the book, depending on your kids’ ages and interest levels.

Summer Family Book Club Novel

It’s a Patricia MacLachlan summer at RAR Premium. Our families will be reading aloud the short, fabulous novels in the Sarah, Plain and Tall series.

Listen to the last 15 minutes of RAR #207: How to Fall Back in Love with Reading this Summer to hear us talk about why Sarah loves Patricia MacLachlan’s writing so much!

These novels can be read aloud in about an hour, and are great for ages 6 and up.

Each Family Book Club (for both novels and picture books) comes with a Family Book Club Guide to help you dig into the book with your kids, notice what you might have missed on a first reading, and share an experience you (and your kids!) won’t soon forget.

Family Book Club Picture Books

Each month, we’ll also read a picture book by Patricia MacLachlan, and we’ll get a chance to meet each of the illustrators of these books, as well.

WOW: Writers on Writing

RAR WOW: Writers on Writing workshops are our writing workshops for kids taught by published authors.

This summer, Ben Hatke is coming to RAR Premium to teach our kids (ages 1-+) the 3 Keys to Visual Storytelling.

Ben Hatke is a favorite here at RAR, and we’re always recommending his books. In this workshop, kids will get a crash course in some of the key concepts for telling any kind of story that relies on a combination of words and pictures (especially comics).

They’ll learn:

  • how our brains are good at inference, and how images link together
  • the power of physical gesture (i.e. body language) in storytelling
  • the importance of drawing from life, even when you are writing

Just like all of our WOW Workshops, kids will get a WOW Guide to walk them through exercises to practice what they’ve learned, and can revisit the workshop as often as they like on replay.

Mama Book Club

Finally, in our Mama Book Club for summer, we’re reading The Last Bookshop in London by Madeline Martin.

This is the book we’re all raving about! If you’ve heard a lot of buzz and wonder if the book is that good…. well, we think it is.

We’ll be reading the book using our one-of-a-kind Mama Book Club Guide that lets you choose your own adventure and read for what you need.

We’ll help you find the time to read the book, learn how to keep a simple reading journal, and invite you to spend an evening with the author in August!

Join Us This Summer!

Check out the Summer RAR Premium Calendar, so you can see it all at a glance! And remember, everything in RAR Premium is recorded and available on replay to watch at any time.

RAR Premium works around *your* schedule, so you can get the most from it no matter how busy you are, or what season of parenting you’re in.

If you are not an RAR Premium member, join us for the summer!

There’s no commitment, and we have a 30-day money back guarantee so you can give it a spin and see if it’s a good fit without any risk.

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