Reading aloud is one of those habits that makes a huge difference in the lives of our kids, but can be hard to keep track of. Get to the middle of a hard day or a hard week, and it can feel like all the reading aloud isn’t really making an impact… and we already have so much to do!).

But we’ve got to remember: it doesn’t really matter if we read aloud every single day. It matters that we do it. And then we do it again.

Day after day after day…

All those days, whether they happen in an unending streak or not, add up. They all make a difference.

We’ve got an all-new and oh-so-pretty Read-Aloud Habit Tracker for you to print.

For you…

Use it to keep track of the days you read aloud (or any habit you want to keep track of over the coming year, in fact). You can X off the dates or use teeny-tiny stickers to mark the days.

It will help keep you motivated on the days when it feels you aren’t doing enough or that what you’re doing isn’t making much of a difference.

(You very likely are, and yes, it is!)

Where should I send it?

Print one for yourself and, let your friends know where they can grab one too!

Here’s to a year filled with stories. No, not necessarily every day. But on as many days as we can muster.

Rooting for you!

xo, Sarah Mackenzie & the RAR Team

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