January is one of the most exciting months of the year here at RAR. Why? Because it’s time for our 31-Day Read-Aloud Challenge, our most popular event of all.

The FREE 31-Day Read-Aloud Challenge will nurture family relationships while helping your kids fall in love with books.

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How does it work?

  1. Request a packet by popping your email in below.
  2. Print a tracker for each of your kids.
  3. Choose a reward for winning the Challenge.

Everything you need to know is inside that packet.

What if my kids can’t read yet?

They can join in too! Kids who aren’t reading fluently (or at all) can still take part. They’ll simply flip through a picture book and tell the story in their own words— that counts!

You’ll find ideas for your pre-readers inside the packet.

What can they read?

Anything. It all counts for the Challenge.

Who can they read aloud to?

Anyone! A grandparent, sibling, pet, stuffed animal, lego guy… anyone at all.

How do they win?

Your kids win by reading aloud for at least 10 minutes on 25 days in January.

Why 25 days? Isn’t this a “31 day” challenge?

Because we believe in grace! There are 31 days in January, so that means your kids have 31 opportunities to make progress on their goal. Once they’ve read 25 days, they’ve won.

What’s the reward?

You’ll choose a reward that best fits your family. Look inside your packet for ideas. We suggest you choose a reward that is a gift of your time and attention (rather than a material gift).

What’s the point?

We know kids benefit tremendously from hearing books read aloud.

But when kids do the reading aloud themselves, they make tremendous leaps in both their decoding skills and their comprehension. This is true for kids of all ages, not just those who are learning to read.

Reading aloud forces the reader to speak every word in order. In time, they develop skills in elocution, intonation, and pronunciation.

Even better, Challenge participants say their children form incredible bonds with each other. They often fall head-over-heels with reading, even if they weren’t voracious readers before.

Can I get this packet in Spanish? ¿Necesita una traducción al español?

Yep, you sure can. When you sign up for the Challenge, you’ll get a link to download the packet in either English or Spanish.

Ahora se ofrecen tanto en inglés como en Español.

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