I recently finalized my speaking sessions for the Great Homeschool Conventions in 2022, and I’m excited to tell you about them.

I love speaking at GHC and am looking forward to another encouraging, inspiring year, surrounded by others who are all-in on their families and on bringing joy to their homeschools.

💰 You can use the code REALMOM for $10 off the purchase of a Full Family Convention Registration or a Full Individual Convention Registration.

I’ll be at all 5 conventions in 2022:

  • Greenville, South Carolina
  • St. Charles, Missouri
  • Round Rock, Texas
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Ontario, California

The sessions I’m giving in 2022:

I’ll be giving four sessions this year. You can attend these sessions live at GHC (and be sure to snag a hug from me, while you’re at it!) Attendees can also purchase recordings on site while the conference is in session.

RAR Premium Members will have access to the audio recording of each of these sessions in the RAR Premium Dashboard beginning in August 2022. (So if you’re unable to attend a conference, you can still hear them. Head here to get RAR Premium.)

Teaching Literature without a Curriculum

Is it possible to give your kids a robust literary education without a curriculum? You bet it is! In this session, I’ll show you how simple it can be to teach literature to all ages—from preschool through high school— using books you enjoy, good conversations, and simple, memorable experiences.

Who knows? Literature just may become your kids’ favorite part of homeschooling.

Attendees will receive a FREE guide and booklist that gives everything you need to start using this method right away. All you need is a library card. Forget the way you were taught literature in school, and get ready to watch your kids fall in love with books.

The 10 Best Questions We’ve Been Asked

Join Andrew Pudewa from IEW and Sarah Mackenzie from the Read-Aloud Revival for a conversation about homeschooling, reading aloud, and everything in between.

They’ll share the best questions they’ve ever gotten, as well as tips, advice… and probably some funny asides.

If you’re looking for encouragement and practical ideas to help you enjoy homeschooling more than ever . . .

. . . this is the session for you.

Real Mom Tour

(with Pam Barnhill and Colleen Kessler)

All new for 2022. Maybe you’re new to this homeschooling thing — overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make. After all, you’re not sure you’re cut out for this.Or maybe you’ve been around the block a time or two and you’re feeling a little burned out. All the years of keeping up are starting to wear you down.Here’s the good news: You’re not alone. And you’re better at this than you think.

We created the Real Mom Tour just for you. Join us for a night of real encouragement, games, and a few shenanigans only Colleen, Sarah, and Pam could dream up. Kick back and be encouraged by what you need to hear most.

​Real Mom Panel

Questions and answers about everything from troublesome toddlers to math tears to how to get dinner on the table. No question is too small as homeschooling moms and popular podcasters Sarah Mackenzie, Colleen Kessler, Pam Barnhill gather for an encouraging (and often enlightening) panel discussion.

Grab a cuppa or your favorite cold beverage and your most pressing homeschool questions and join us as we kick back and discuss the nitty-gritty details mom-to-mom.

Use the code REALMOM for $10 off your 2022 registration.

Hope to see you there!

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