Over the last 8 years, I’ve searched for the best picture books to read with my own six kids and to recommend at Read-Aloud Revival ®. 

It kinda follows, then, that we’d start making those kinds of books ourselves, doesn’t it? 

Introducing Waxwing Books

This summer we’re launching Waxwing Books, our brand new boutique publishing house.

You know…. no big deal. 😅

We’ve got a couple of podcast episodes coming very soon where I spill the beans on that whole process, but in the meantime… I’ll tell you what we’ve made first!

A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden

Our first release is the picture book, A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden, written by me (Sarah Mackenzie), and illustrated by Breezy Brookshire. 

Together, we’ve made a book I think your family will love.

It’s actually just the first book coming from our brand new imprint — we’ve got several more in process. And they are all just 😍.

I’ll be dishing on why we decided to create our own publishing house soon, where the idea for this particular story came from, and how we decided to make it the way we did…

…but for now I just want to show you some sneak peeks.  

The story and illustrations are ready, but we need to know something important:

How many copies should we print?

That’s why we’re launching pre-orders on Kickstarter (Aug 10-Sep 1).

We want to give you a chance to secure your own copy of A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden in the first print run…

And we’re taking this opportunity to include some fun Kickstarter rewards you’ll be able to snag, as well.

Hardcover & Audio Book

The book is a beautiful 32-page, 11″ x 9″ hardcover with printed endpapers and a slipcover jacket.

The mp3 audio book (narrated by me) is included with every single copy of the book.

Remember those page turn chimes we used to have for our books-on-tape? Yep, we’re bringing them back.

Family Book Club Guide

A 23-page Family Book Club guide, made for you by the team at Read-Aloud Revival. Includes:

  • An invitation to look closely for literary and artistic elements
  • Open-ended discussion prompts for a variety of ages
  • Suggested experiences to create warm, rich memories with your family
  • Ideas for using the book across the curriculum, including nature study, art, and poetry

Exclusive Book Bag

We’re bringing our Read-Aloud Revival library book bag back by popular demand!

These cotton canvas bags are fully lined and include webbed handles and a zippered interior pocket (perfect for stowing a library card).

They’re sturdy enough for a serious library haul.

Size: 15.75″h x 13.25″w x 3.5″d

Wild Lupine Seed Packet

Make your own world a little more beautiful with a packet of seeds inspired by A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden.

These Wild Lupine seeds are easy to grow and deer resistant. And because they’re perennials, flowers will bloom year after year!

Art Print

A watercolor illustration from A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden, illustrated by Breezy Brookshire and printed on 8×10″ high quality paper.

Postcard Set

A set of four 4×6″ postcards featuring watercolor illustrations by Breezy Brookshire from A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden.

Pre-orders open August 10th

As soon as pre-orders open, you’ll be able to order your copy and choose the rewards you’d like to go with it at alittlemorebeautiful.com.

Pre-orders open August 10th, so mark your calendar and help us spread the word! I can’t wait to get this book into your hands.

xo, Sarah Mackenzie

P.S. If you want a text reminder so you don’t miss it, text WAXWING to 33777 or sign up below and I’ll send you a short message on that day to remind you!