Episode 120

Jonathan Rogers120Episode 120

The World According to Narnia

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO NARNIA is a journey further up and further into the imaginative world of C.S. Lewis. Along the way, Jonathan Rogers makes the case that this world-the one where we actually live-is a place no less wondrous than Narnia itself.Imagination is a serious business. It gives substanc...

Laura Numeroff120Episode 139-RAR recommendationsEpisode 120

Raising a Hero

From the beloved #1 New York Times best-selling children's author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and If You Give... series. Max is a lovable and determined puppy with a lot to learn on his adventure of becoming someone's life-changing friend and helper. Max's puppy raiser, Sam, takes him everywher...

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The Chronicles of Narnia

Good, evil; battles, betrayals; this classic series begins with either The Magician’s Nephew, or The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (depending on who you ask!). There are 7 books in all -- one filled with more adventure and fantasy than the next.