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Carol Ryrie BrinkAudio Books

Caddie Woodlawn

Based on stories of the author’s grandmother, Caddie loves hunting and pranks, but refuses to be a “lady.” Set in Wisconsin in the late 1800s, Little House fans will love Caddie!

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The second in author Avi’s Tales of Dimwood Forest Series, this tale features a large cast of animal characters, including Poppy, a shy mouse and Mr. Ocax, a great-horned owl and the authority of the forest. As Poppy begins to question the unjust authority of their woodland world, she embarks on an adventurous tale and finds inner bravery. Note: Sensitive kids might be upset by the deaths of a couple of animal characters. This is second in the series, but we recommend starting here anyway- even if you only read this one!

Roald DahlAudio Books


A Roald Dahl classic -- Matilda is a “bookish” girl to say the least, and her parents can’t find anything good about that. But when Matilda goes to school and meets the caring Miss Honey, her future begins to unfold in unexpected ways.

Beverly ClearyAudio Books

Ramona the Pest

Oh Ramona! There’s so much to learn, and it seems that often, she has to learn it the hard way. These tales about her family are funny and sweet. Ramona Quimby, Age 8 is a Newberry Honor Book. (We recommend the entire series!)

Brian JacquesAudio Books

Redwall (Redwall, Book 1)

Redwall Abbey is a quiet and peaceful place, just as the mice like it. But an evil one-eyed rat wants ownership of the abbey. An unlikely hero emerges in this action packed tale, which might be a good pick for fans of The Green Ember.