The Bark of the Bog Owl (Wilderking Trilogy)

The Bark of the Bog Owl (Wilderking Trilogy)

Series: Episodes, 089, Book 1
Tags: Best Fantasy, Episode 113, Episode 41, Episode 67, Episode 89, Episode 90, Episode 90 teens, Episode 92-8-12, girls books 8-12
Publisher: The Rabbit Room
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: 0988963221
ISBN: 0988963221


The whole Wilderking Trilogy is one you don't want your kids to miss. Start here, with The Bark of the Bog Owl.  Ideal for kids 8-14, though you'll enjoy it every bit as much as your kids will. The less you know before reading it, the better, so try to skip reading reviews ahead of time, if you can!


12-year-old Aidan Errolson, comes from a long line of adventurers. His grandparents were among the first settlers of Corenwald's Eastern Frontier. His father had been one of the kingdom's greatest warriors. Aidan, on the other hand, lives the quiet, comfortable life, of a nobleman's son. He never has any real adventures, and that, he believes, is the one great injustice of his otherwise happy life.

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